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We carry out domestic removals in all areas of Stockport – all moving jobs considered – if we can get it into our removal van then we will gladly shift it!

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Stockport domestic removal Lifting large and heavy objects during a domestic removal

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If you are considering helping with the Stockport removal yourself  then our Stockport Man and Van service will be just the move for you andthen this article will give you some great lifting advice…

Lifting large and heavy objects

  If for whatever reason, you find yourself involved in the lifting  a particularly heavy or enormous object during yourStockport domestic removals process, you will need to have a decent idea as to how to go about it, as otherwise things can get pretty difficult. The fact of the matter is that not that many people are actually trained in lifting heavy items of household furniture properly, though most presume that they can do so, simply because they have a certain amount of strength. The key is in technique however, and the odds do not stack up well against the person who is unaware of how to lift or move a heavy item, as the result will often be painful…

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>The main thing about learning to lift things properly is that the damage that you can do to yourself is not the kind that heals easily. You need to ensure that you are able to avoid the strains that will cause long term damage to your knees, back, neck and wrists, as these are the areas most stressed by such work. If they are overstretched, then they will often end up being an issue for the rest of your life, so take warning and advice! Some of the best things to arm yourself with are: a decent pair of lifting gloves, a sack barrow, and a safety manual.

Reading up on technique will ensure that you know what you are doing, and that you know how best to avoid injury. The gloves are pretty essential, as they will give you a lot more grip, making your hand positions easier to find and hold, meaning that you don’t struggle to keep hold of things that are heavy whilst maneuvering them. The gloves will also protect your hands from friction burns and the chances that are abound of splinters and cuts from edges of various materials, which could also mean you dropping the item suddenly from the pain, endangering those around you!

Sack barrows are incredibly useful in domestic removals Stockport , as they basically act as an extra person if you know how to use them correctly. Using the weight of the item to your advantage, you can easily maneuver a triple wardrobe along a flat surface with light work from two people, or if you really know what you are doing; on your own! The wheels need to be pumped hard, so that you are not experiencing any drag as you move.


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When lifting with others, ensure that you remain vocal about everything. The nature of large items is that oftentimes, people need to walk backwards, or can’t see in front of them very well. For this reason, each member of the lifting /moving team needs to be telling the others of anything that they may need to look out for, whether it be objects on the floor (which should be cleared beforehand) or upcoming corners etc. If you are loud about things, and let others know when to maneuver the object, or when to set it down, then no one will be taken by surprise if something happens all of a sudden.

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Planning is a large part of this, and going over exactly how an item should be moved is extremely important, as it prevents any surprise movements that could injure a lifter, or lead to them dropping the item. For the sake of both the item, and those carrying it, it is imperative that it is not dropped, as this can cause serious damage as well as injury.

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Your Stockport removals company will be your rock in the storm of difficult decisions and processes that a domestic removals  Stockport can be. You will no doubt be aware that your Stockport removals company will help you with all of the laborious parts of a removal, but when it comes to the planning, preparation and execution of the more organizational side of a move, who better to go to for help than the people who do these moves every day?Your domestic removals company can help you on so many different aspects of your move, that it is essential that you have one who are willing to be there for you whenever you need them. This kind of attitude is not always a given however, sometimes it just comes down to how good the customer service is.


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When selecting a  removal company in Stockport, you will want to talk with them a fair bit about the move and your needs. The initial phone conversation will get you past the factual side of hiring somebody, from the dates that you need, to the Stockport removals services that they can provide, but there is more to this conversation than just sorting out details; it will be just as important that you are able to gauge whether the person on the other end of the phone actually seems to care about how your move will go ahead.

Remember, the person that you are talking to is most likely hired by the Domestic removals Stockport company to represent them on the phone, so if they are snooty or offhand, then there is little chance that the company are going to be a lot better on your move!

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You may find that older, better established Stockport removal companies that may be run by families who have been in the business for generations will perhaps have a rather more ‘no nonsense’ approach, so avoid mistaking this for contempt, as they are often some of the better removal companies, given their experience and dedication to the craft.

Once you have an idea as to the attitudes present at the company, you can give a little thought to the ways in which they have treated their previous customers. The main problem with hiring a Stockport  Domestic removals company is that it is a little like a blind date, where you can not really see the service before it is too late to change your mind. In this case however, you can get an idea of people’s previous experiences through online reviews that reveal the ways in which they were treated.

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These Stockport removals reviews will have wide ranging results, so it is important to look at the overall ‘feel’ of the reviews as a body, as focusing on one or two will give an unbalanced view. You should be able to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the companies that you are looking at by the comments, so be sure to avoid any companies who are repeatedly late or lazy, and note down those companies who rarely have any issues.


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The price that you pay will often feel like it should reflect the Stockport removal service that you get, but the reviews will show you that this is not always the case. You need to be sure that the company you are going for are great and attentive to your needs, rather than just really cheap, as otherwise you may find that you have to make up for their shortcomings by paying out later on down the line! Breakages and delays can get really quite expensive, so it is vital that you choose well.

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