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As you probably already know – or have been told by multiple people – moving home in Stockport can one of – if not the most – stressful and time consuming processes you can ever go through so choosing the right Stockport Removal Company is vital. Of course all this stress is somewhat superficial, but it is stressful nonetheless.removals-stockport

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On top of finding your new home, forking out for a deposit, packing all your things and cleaning your soon-to-be    old residence, you also have to transport all your items from your old home to your new one. This can be an    expensive process. After forking out for a deposit – which will at the minimum be a few hundred pounds – the last  thing you want to do is pay through the tooth for a removal service.

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 But don’t despair; there are plenty of cheap options using a Value Providing Stockport Removal Company when it comes to the logistics of moving home. The option that will end up being the most economical option for you will largely depend on your individual circumstances. Whichever one you choose, be sure to not rush into any decision. Carry out extensive research of all the Stockport Removal Companies  on offer and shop around for quotes.

In all likelihood the first Stockport Removal quote your given will not be the cheapest.
First and foremost, you will need to know how many possessions you need to transport. The volume of all your items you wish to move from one house to the next will largely dictate what removal option you go for.

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Volume is height x width x depth. If all your items can fit into a 3.5 tonne size van (to find out if they can or not, simply Google the dimensions of a 3.5 tonne van) then hiring a Man and a Van service may be right for you. Man with a Van services will often provide 3.5 tonne vehicles to help you move your possessions, and will charge around £15 an hour to do so. This is a much more modest price compared to hiring out a professional removal company, who can charge anywhere up to and over £200 a day to move your things.

Although £15 an hour seems cheap, whether it will end up being so in the grand scheme of things largely depends on where you are moving to. If you are moving local – say from Barnes to Fulham for example – then a Man and Van service may be very cheap indeed. But, if you’re moving from Barnes, to, say, Kent, then it may not work out being the cheapest option from you. Driving from South West London to Kent will take more than a couple of hours, so could cost you up to £45-60. But Barnes to Fulham shouldn’t take more than an hour or two, meaning it would only cost £15-30. So, if you move is local, then a Man and Van service will probably be the cheapest option for you.

If you are moving somewhere that will take a few hours, if not a whole day, away from your previous home, then a Man and Van will not work out cheaper than hiring a vehicle to drive yourself. To hire out a 3.5 tonne Stockport removal van from a vehicle hire company, it will cost you around £45 a day – maybe cheaper, maybe more expensive depending on the Stockport Moving company you hire from. stockport removal companiesBut, if you’re moving from Sussex to Glasgow, then hiring out a vehicle like this will end up being much cheaper than a removal company or a Man and Van service.
Whichever one you chose, be sure to shop around – many Stockport Man and Van services, vehicle hire companies and Stockport removal firms will offer discounts of up to and beyond 20%, making the transporting of your possessions that much cheaper.

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