Stockport House Removals Planning

Packing for a Stockport House Removals

If you have to pack for a long vacation, a Stockport house removals  or some other reason, you will encounter many challenges on the road. Packing is certainly not something we look forward to, however that means you will need to collect boxes and prepare well ahead of time. You can find boxes in many places you might not even expect them to be, however you can easily find boxes at supermarkets, liquor stores and more that could even be free. Follow these tips to prepare for your moving day:

Gather your packing supplies
You will need to do that, however you will also need to have different sized boxes to accommodate for the different sizes of your belongings. Make sure you obtain good quality boxes capable of withstanding the possible bumps and scratches of the road. Apart from those, you will also need bubble wrap, sheets for wrapping, packing tape, labels and markers as well as making an inventory system.
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Make a packing station
It is rather an open space than a station really, however you will need this to adequately pack your belongings. You will need to carefully place all items inside their respective boxes with sufficient padding to avoid damage. Remember to place the heavy items on the bottom and the lighter ones on top. Avoid stuffing large boxes full of heavier items, as they will break when you try to carry them, or they will be far too heavy to lift. Any fragile items should be clearly marked for the movers to avoid any issues.

Packing by room
If you pack all items in clearly labeled boxes denoting their room of origin, you will have a much easier time in the end as you unpack at the target location. Pack on a room-by-room basis and begin by working on the small items first, categorizing them as you go. Tape things up and keep an inventory list so you can figure out what goes where.

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Prepare a basic supplies box
This may easily include items you use on a regular basis, such as simple cleaning and hygiene supplies, plastic utensils and plates, towels, pots and pans, box cutters and so forth. These will be needed almost right away as you arrive, so keeping them in a box that is easy to open and readily available will spare you a huge amount of time trying to dig these supplies out of the initial mess.

Individual packing
This can be done for every single member of your household. It is essentially the same as preparing your luggage for a vacation or business trip. Include the personal hygiene supplies you use on a regular basis, spare clothes and the like and take them with you while you travel, leaving the rest of your belongings for the Stockport removals company and their vehicle.
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Cleaning out the fridge
This is a very important step, as moving companies will never move perishables. Take whatever you can and donate or eat/drink it before moving day. The last thing you want is having products going bad or throwing them away when you could have solved the issue beforehand.

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