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Top tips for house moving in Stockport

Whilst moving house in Stockport is an exciting prospect for most, it can present you with a steep mountain to climb. However, this assortment of tips could ensure that your move is completed with the minimum amount of hassle.

Your first step on the road to moving house should be to compile an inventory of the contents of your house. You may find it useful to then assemble a set of sub-inventories, listing items by category (furniture, clothes, etc.).


Compiling inventories is important not only for logistical purposes, and calculating what packing materials you’ll need for the move (and in what quantities). An in-depth inventory could reveal that there are items that you no longer need or want.

Tips to help removals Stockport
Likewise, inventories also help you ascertain what you’re currently lacking that you may need to buy to make your new home complete.

Once a move is over, inventories then serve as a supplementary checklist, ensuring that every last item made it.
Whilst colating your inventory, you should also measure your furniture. Not only is this great for structuring Stockport moving van loads, it’ll also determine what you can and can’t fit into your new lodgings.

This may prolong the compilation of an inventory slightly, but it’s a vital task, because it could mean you need to buy a new bed or dining table. You can even make a provisional floor plan of your new home using these measurements, making the actual act of moving in simplicity itself.

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Now, you can start planning the move. Use the internet and listings publications (e.g. AdTrader) to find a  Stockport man and van in your area, and compile a shortlist of potential movers, with Moving  quotes. If you hire a van and do the move yourself, it’s advisable to book in advance –  especially if you intend to move during the weekend.

As the day approaches, collect and assemble items by category, size and weight. If there’s stuff you feel you won’t need, list it for sale on eBay, or take them along to a jumble sale if there’s one near you. If moving day is nearing and they haven’t sold, sign up to Freecycle and list them there. they’ll be snapped up in a jiffy.

Conversely, if you don’t want to part with these items, but feel they won’t be immediately necessary, there’ll likely be a self-storage facility near your new residence where they can be stored until you’re ready to incorporate them.

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Lo-Cost Moves Equals Relaxed!

Assorting items in “like” collections is important, because it’ll ensure the move is a smooth, speedy process. The first thing to be moved into your new home should be your furniture, as once the functional fundaments of your home are in place, you’ll be able to plan where smaller items and belongings will fit in.

The golden rule of moving is to unpack loads as they arrive, as this means you’ll avoid having to circumnavigate cluttered stacks of boxes with armfuls of items on later trips. They’ll also make your new Stockport place of residence immediately feel homely, and if you’ve prepared a floor plan, this process should be brief and unproblematic. Items meant for storerooms and cupboards should go next, as they can be slotted straight into their compartments, out of sight and out of mind. Once these two essential load phases have been completed, you can then start moving smaller items and personal effects.

This short guide should provide a means for a contented, easy moving process  and will hopefully help streamline your belongings in the process, liberating you and your new home from unnecessary items which aren’t important to you.

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