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Packing tips to keep your items safe. through-out your Stockport Removals

When it comes to the move using one of the reputable removal companies  Stockport has to offer, you will want to be ensuring that your items are completely safe at all times. There is little that can not be prevented by packing, but having one of the expert removal companies in Stockport will make all of the difference. Unfortunately it is sometimes hard to know whether your Stockport removals firm will be any good or not, so it is always best to pack well to ensure that you are not at risk of damages that are beyond your control. Once everything is in the Stockport Removal van it is down to how well the items are wrapped and stacked as to whether they will remain safe throughout the journey.

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  1. Have the right materials on you for the whole pack. Whilst packing, you need to have everything that you need to hand, as otherwise you will be more likely to try and use something else that is less convenient in order to avoid going and getting more materials! For instance, if you run out of packing tape, you may be tempted to use household tape, which is not as sticky or as durable as the packing variety.removals-stockport

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This means that you will risk the safety of the things inside the box if you go down this route. If you have plenty of materials then you are less likely to encounter these issues. Materials include; Boxes, packing tape, tissue paper, news paper, bubble wrap, and markers. There are other things that can come in useful like larger pieces of cardboard and hard board for between furniture, but this is more to do with loading the van than packing boxes.

Removal companies in stockport

Removal companies in stockport

  1. Easy on the bubble wrap! It is tempting to layer everything in bubble wrap to protect it from breaking, but this material can take up a lot of space, and is extremely bad for the environment, in that the production of plastics is a producer of harmful gasses. If you use bubble wrap then do so sparingly, as this will mean you have more room in your boxes and can get more in to them. Using tissue paper between breakables will protect them well, and scrunching it in to empty spaces will reduce the amount that the items within the box can move, which will lower the risk of damage through vibrations.


  1. New boxes are pretty essential. It is easy to go for the cheaper variety of second hand boxes that you may find online, and these can often be fine. However, if you are using a box that has a fault, it is unlikely that you will notice until it has caused you a great deal of damage, by crumpling under other boxes, or opening from beneath whilst being lifted. These results are pretty costly to repair, so be sure that whatever boxes you use, they are of a high quality, or the damages could get the better of you.


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  1. Consider a packing service. It is always worth weighing up the cost of a packing service when you are using one of the  removal companies in Stockport, as you may be surprised as to how cheap the extras can be. The cost of the service versus the ability to go back to work, or worry a lot less can be pretty well weighted, so it may be worth it. Many Stockport removal companies do not offer insurance on items that they handle unless they have been packed by themselves. if this is the case then it is well worth looking in to, as it could be the perfect excuse!