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Ensuring that you get a decent man and van in Hyde can set you up for an easy time in the future. Hyde  Man and van HIRE services are seriously useful, and you will no doubt find that the need for one crops up all the time, so getting one that you know and trust will mean that you never bother calling anyone again. In many ways, a Hyde man and van service is mostly about price, but you may want to be able to get on with the driver, as sometimes you may find yourself in the cab with them for a long time! Getting a decent Man with a van service is all about knowing what you want before you call them up, so a few tips and tricks may come in useful…


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1. Know your load.

Work out the volume of the things that you are carrying if it is a large one. Measure the height, width, and length of the stacked items, and multiply the figures to work out the rough volume. This measurement is flexible, so you should be aware of the longest items in the set, so that you can compare them to the Hyde removal van‘s dimensions. The volume of a removals van may be the same as the volume of the stack in your garage, but if the van is too short, then the two metre wardrobe may never fit in there…

man and van in hyde

Man and Van in hyde

2. Get a personal recommendation.

If you are able to, get a tip off a friend or relative about a great Hyde man and van hire service! Even if there are no recommendations, then at least you know who to avoid. Any help with navigating the local marketplace will be useful, so get in touch with those around you and you should find that you can get a good few hints as to how things work in your area. Many Hyde removals van drivers rely on word of mouth to spread the message of their great work, as they don’t like to put their phone number on the internet and risk getting woken up by strangers in the middle of the night!

3. Work out your payment method.

Not cash or card, but by the hour or by the job! Some Hyde man and van men will want to take an hourly rate, whilst others will give you a quote based on the specifics of the job. The hourly rate will usually be a lot cheaper overall, but it does not cover you against getting stuck in traffic or having similar problems. If you get a quote, then prepare to be surprised by the cost, as the man and van hire driver will be protecting themselves against being stuck in such situations, where they are wasting fuel, but not getting paid. You need to know the job well if it is a long one, in order to work out what you should be paying, and that will give you and understanding of what you should be haggling for, when it comes to getting quotes. If you need to avoid any risk, then a quote is for you. If you have a tight budget, then you may need to risk the hourly rate!

Hyde man and van

Study the facts before booking your Hyde Man and Van service!

4. Avoid scammers!

Many Hyde removal companies advertise their lowest possible rate, and this rarely cuts the mustard. You will find that an offer of £15 per hour will only be for driving the removals van. It won’t include any help form the driver in lifting or loading, and they may even charge extra per hour or mile for fuel! If you have a mate to help out, or are sharing the van then that can be useful, but don’t get conned!

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